God Eater : Awesome show, awesome OP


The Last Words

I have written a song.

In here I am stuck
My mind has withered out
Darkness feeds me
I am its prey to be
I just need somelight
Some one to help me out

There I see at the end
A shining light
It was you who was oh so bright
My hope revived
I can still be alive and survive

But now the light is fading out
It has went out of my sight
Come back, come back
I cant face the dark
I need u, I need u
U and your light

But no time is left
Something in me is bereft
I just wish icouldve kept up to you
And I could’ve been better for u
And I know tht

I cant face the dark
I cant face I cant face
the dark without you

But I have to let go to let go
Because death awaits me
Locking all the doors with his key

Ill just say id still love you till the end
These are my last words and it my end